R/D Clinical Research is continually striving to exceed the expectations of our patients and sponsors by providing excellence in service. Caring, focus and dedication is our pathway to making a difference in the clinical research industry.

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R/D Clinical Research (RDCR) started doing clinical research in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1989.  We have completed over 750 clinical trials and had over 17,000 local volunteers participate in these trials.

Tremendous advances have been made in health care in the past century and this is due in part to the dedication of the volunteers who participate in clinical trials.  This volunteer  process makes it possible for new medicines to be developed.  Whether you take a prescribed medication from your doctor or buy an over-the-counter (OTC) product these medications have all been through the clinical trial process.

Participating in a clinical trial can have possible benefits to you as a patient.  As a patient volunteer you can access treatment options, health assessments and medications that may not be available to you otherwise.  You will have the opportunity to improve and educate yourself about your own healthcare and be a part of making new medicines and treatments available for you, your children, grandchildren and friends.

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